Mr. Jimijam at Woodstock II
Mr. Jimijam in Amsterdam
March 1996


These are two rough mixes of two new songs I am working on with DK Phoenix of Dizzi-Trac Productions
Please feel free to comment on them and post them for me to read...if you dare...




Spinning Live in Tokyo, Japan - July 17, 1999 - The Chillax Mix




CAPITAL PRIDE FESTIVAL - 3rd St. & Pennsylvania Ave., NW - Washington, DC

Mr. Jimijam


Morning dawned and I fell out of my bed, it was "Rock Star Day" for me, and Capital Pride Day for the rest of the "alternative lifestyles" types that would be at the annual event. I brushed my teeth and drank some Dr. Pepper and grabbed my guitar gear and rolled out the door, strolled down to the Capital South Metro station, rode to the very next station, Federal Center, and walked to the backstage entrance and found out where to stash my equipment. I finally stopped to breathe and took a few minutes to bond with the other band members - Raycurt Johnson the violinist, DJ Sky Twin and his manager Peter (who later had a mental breakdown and became homeless), and the star, vocalist Clint Crisher - then we sat up our gear and did a sixty-second sound check. We synchronized our watches and parted ways to retrieve our stage outfits and to get our individual grooves on. I ran around like a headless chicken for two hours to get ready for show time. I was on the go! I returned to my bat cave and prayed to my angels, Mr. Jimi Hendrix and Mr. Eddie Hazel, to fill me with the funk on this overcast Sabbath. I smoked a bowl of exhilarating ganja and then I had to make those final costume decisions so I can be a vision...decisions, decisions. I was supposed to wear all white, but for some unknown reason at the last minute I decided to wear my lovely Rubio black leather pants - all the rock stars wear them - and I tossed on my finest skull jewelry and some silver nail polish and a sexy white shirt and the "coup de grace", my custom Saxon-Gillies Designs full-length faux-Dalmatian print fur coat with the sexpot red silk lining - I was a rock and roll god! I was finally dressed and ready to head out my door because it was GO TIME! I returned to the backstage entrance and I phoned up Clint and he says to meet up with everyone at Sixth and Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the Capitol Grille. I stroll through the crowd and I run into a lot of familiar faces and see a bunch of cute boys with their hair gel sculptures trying to work the room with their be young, beautiful, and gay. I meet up with my associate, filmmaker Adrian Salsgiver of Rainbow's Child Productions and the rest of the band and the dancers Ashleigh Payne, Rachel Casey, Van Tan, and choreographer John Alix. We were called to the stage and once we were together in the backstage area, and the wait began for our turn to perform in front of the crowd. I sat and watched and listened to the other acts and speakers as our stage time kept getting pushed back. Thelma Houston took the stage and turned it out, most particularly during an extended version of her signature song "I Will Survive" with a hip musically updated ending. Jennifer Holiday sang her heart out, and disco diva Pepper Mashay took the stage in bulging gold lame jumpsuit and belted out her smash dance floor hit "Dive In The Pool" to the joy of the crowd as the roared their approval. Thea Gill and Robert Gant of Showtime's "Queer As Folk" came out of their dressing booths and did the media parade in front of the cameras and a Capital Pride backdrop. Suddenly a herd of lesbians surged against the backstage area security fence, all of them waving pictures of Thea Gill and shouting out her name and how they loved her. I prayed the fence did not give because some of them were being quite aggressive. Thea and Robert took the stage and they each addressed the crowd with nice, positive, and uplifting speeches about being true to yourself and others. Robert spoke of how he used to hate Christine Aguilera and her music until she released her latest single "Beautiful", which he said changed his opinion about her because of the song's message that everyone is beautiful no matter who they are in life. A few "less than stellar" acts did their thing on the stage, and finally towards the end of the day it was our turn. Clint Crisher, the dancers, the band, and I took the stage in our full glory. Peter announced Clint and our arrival as the music jumped out of the stage monitors and the main speakers and into everyone's ears. The dancers leapt across the stage, Raycurt Johnson's violin wailed, DJ Sky Twin drummed a beat on his synthesizer pads, and my guitar blew notes like bubbles out of my Mesa-Boogie amp. Clint's voice reached into the audience with his song's message of "It Could Happen To You..." - a beautiful life or whatever you are dreaming to do. The moment was magical! The group dynamics on the stage were working together in glorious musical beauty and we had the U.S. Capitol Dome as our backdrop, it was totally amazing. There is one moment that is emblazoned in my brain forever; Clint and I were facing each other in a classic rock star pose with our heads rhythmically moving up and down to the music as we let our music pour out of our souls on to the stage and into the audience like the smoke from the smoke machine that was floating across the stage. The music ended and the crowd roared and I could hear people yelling out, "Jimijam rocks!", as we left the stage, we packed our gear and went our separate ways, but hopefully we will meet on stage again real soon. So this is the story of my Rock Star Day and what I great time we had performing to so many people. I cannot wait to see the photographs of our performance, especially Clint and mine's head-banging moment with the silhouette of the U.S. Capitol Dome in the background. The short film that Adrian Salsgiver and I will be making of the performance is in the works as I finish writing this sentence. Ta Ta - until next time - The End.

Photo by Adrian Salsgiver